The forces of darkness are pitched against Emma Cameron, a spirit of the element of Air that has taken human form. Emma, however, is unaware of her ability to access other dimensions of time and space, for the moon conspired with the enemy and stole her cosmic memory at birth. Under the watchful eye of the mysterious Trevelyan, her journey of spiritual awakening encompasses great perils and tests, exposing the fragilities of her human mind.HeartStar is a powerful and illuminating metaphysical journey with themes that transcend our physical world.

Will she re-discover her memory in time to save the Earth and all green and growing things? Or will her human fears, doubts and desires, sacrifice her to the darkness, and condemn the world to death?

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Hate the antithesis of love, wages war upon the Triad Realms of High Faerie, Faerie and the Mortal World. In the third dimension, Emma Cameron the mortal warrior of Air has been captured by the Demon Lord Zugalfar and his legions, which wait in the shadow realm for the gates to Pandemonia to open.

In the fourth dimension, Kilfannan and Kilcannan, the sylphs of the House of Kilfenoran are on an urgent quest to find the stolen key made of air that will unlock the power of the HeartStar. The hounds of hell have been released to stop them. In High Faerie, the rulers of Gorias are imprisoned in the outer darkness, and their emerald city is in flames.

All seems lost as the fate of three worlds hangs in the balance. In this race against time, the sylphs of Kilfenoran are all that stand between the death of the HeartStar and the annihilation of all life as the threat of Pandemonia inches ever darkly onward.

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Emma Cameron was a normal woman until the mysterious, otherworldly Trevelyan arrived in her life and turned it upside down. Trevelyan told Emma that she was actually a faerie being who had taken human form to undertake a desperate mission. She and her friends must now travel to the country home of the wealthy Giles Kingsbury, a satanic paedophile. Kingsbury plans to hold a Sabbat at his estate, intended to summon the arch-demon Zugalfar with the aid of human sacrifice and a stolen sapphire star-gate that will open the Gates to Pandemonia. Pledged to retrieve the sapphire, Emma and her friends arrive undetected but are soon noticed and must escape with the sapphire or be killed. Now, the coven is on the hunt for Emma. With the help of a cop whose daughters were sacrificed, she and her brave team fight off black magic and worse. As events escalate, they are catapulted into a nightmare of magic, rape, and murder. No one can be prepared for supernatural attacks and sorcery, but to save the world, Emma and her friends must stand together and fight the forces of evil.

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